Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Candy Buffet or Sweet table supplies category added to Kiwicakes

At Kiwicakes I'm proud to be continuing to add new and exciting product ranges. Today, I've added an entire new category, to the exisitng Cake Decorating & Party Supplies categories. Drum roll please........................... "Candy Buffets" or perhaps as some might call it the "Sweet Table" or "Candy Bar"
Click here to go directly to the Candy Buffet to check it out.

The candy buffet is nostalgic and entertaining in one fell-swoop. It has the ability to transport your party guests back to the days of 5¢ candies and all their old favourites. It can easily be decorated to look classy and elegant, with the added bonus of not being as expensive as it looks!

If you are placing the candies in containers you don't need to worry about packaging, therefore you can buy them in bulk and save a little extra. It is a good idea to have a variety of candies, this will ensure that all your guests will find something they love. The most expensive part of a candy buffet is usually the containers and decor. However, a little shopping around will likely reveal some affordable styles as well as sparking your imagination, enabling you to create the ideal buffet for your personal style.

Not only are candies sweet and tasty but you can find them in every colour of the rainbow. You won't have a hard time finding candies that will match your decor colour or theme.

First decide what kind of look you are going for. Is the type of candy going to be your focus or would you rather purchase candies to match the look of the candy buffet?

Be sure that you buy enough candy, it is the least expensive (and more important) part of the buffet, so don't skimp on it! If the containers you will be using aren't very large, you can always plan on having them re-filled throughout the event.

You will want to consider how the guests are going to take the candy away from the buffet! Have something available to assist them with removing the candies from their containers. Small candy-shop scoops are not only adorable but they will ensure that the candies will stay clean and sanitary! The guests will then need somewhere to put the candies they have selected. A hand-full of candies will be sticky and messy, you'll want to supply them with some form of container that they can easily carry. Some options include tins, cellophane bags and even mini Oriental take away boxes. The container you choose will depend on your preference and the theme of the party.

A nice touch is to label the containers, this will inform your guests what type of candies they are choosing from. A sticker, small folded card or even a sign can easily do the trick.

Be sure to add some height to your candy buffet. If all the items are laid out on the same level it will look messy and unattractive. Different sizes and shapes of containers will give the buffet depth and will look more composed. If you have some packaged candies, try placing them on a stand as opposed to directly on the table. Place taller containers in the back, for a practical and attractive table setting.

All in all, a candy buffet is never a bad idea. If your guests have a sweet tooth it is hard to go wrong with such a stylish and cheerful display.

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